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Instagram Live

WMN Legal IG Live: The Legal Side of Edibles + Cannabis-Infused Businesses

When: August 8th, 12 pm PDT

Join us as we sit down with cannabis attorney Dawn Friedman for this lively and interactive IG Live! We’re talking legal trends in the cannabis-infused space, new regulations, where you can find trustworthy and up-to-date legal information and opportunities for women in cannabis!

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Confessions of a Bookkeeper: Part 1

When: Sept. 18th, 2018; 12:30 pm EDT/ 9:30 am PDT
From leaving her corporate finance 9-to-5 to building a thriving bookkeeping business, Claire Van Holland shares how she did it + stories of how she has helped small businesses go from hot mess to huge success by simply getting their finances organized. She will also share how starting her own businesses gave her the flexibility and financial freedom to pursue her side hustle passion as a burlesque dancer.
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Nutrition Hacks for Busy Professionals with Carrie Gabriel

When: Oct. 2nd, 12:30 pm PDT
Join us for a free live webinar with Nutritionist Carrie Gabriel!  Carrie has a Masters in Nutritional Science and helps busy professionals stay healthy, which is why we love having her in our network.  For this webinar, we will go down the Trader Joes rabbit hole and discuss nutrition hacks for busy professionals!  We all love Trader Joes for their quick and easy meals but some of those meals are actually really unhealthy. Carrie will teach us how to read nutrition labels at Trader Joes, which products are healthy and which products we should avoid!  Plus, she will tell us how to make a healthy version of a new TJ’s fall favorite.


Avoiding Small Business Tax Liabilities Under the New Tax Law

When: October 16, 2018 | 12:30 pm EDT, 9:30 pm PDT

If you are feeling unprepared for how the new tax law will impact your 2018 business taxes, join the club! In this free webinar, we sit down with tax attorney Jennifer Karpchuk to learn about small business tax liabilities and how to avoid them.

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How Maternal Mental Health Impacts Your Success as a Working Mom

When: Oct. 23rd, 12:30 pm PDT
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Mental health is a subject we don’t talk about enough let alone how your mental health as a mom (and mom-to-be) can have a dramatic impact on your day-to-day life, especially when it comes to succeeding in the workplace or running your business. Join us as we sit down with Joanne Newfield, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, to discuss how maternal mental health, including postpartum depression and anxiety, can impact your ability to thrive. We will also talk about how licensed MFTs like Joanne can help you, warning signs to know and when to think about getting some support.


Free Webinar: What Small Businesses Must Know About Vendor Agreements

When: Nov. 6th, 12:30 pm EST / 9:30 am PST
Working with vendors is a necessity for small businesses – from day-to-day operations to new manufacturing and distribution partners that will help your business grow. For this webinar, we are joined by Elizabeth Breakstone, a trademark and contracts attorney in Seattle, who will help us understand the key elements every vendor agreement must have as well as how to make sure you IP is protected in vendor agreements.


How to Read & Understand Independent Contractor Agreements

When: November 13th, 2018; 12:30 pm PST
What: Join us for this free webinar with Megan Porth, expert contracts attorney, who will walk us through a real Independent Contractor Agreement like she does with her clients. Megan will explain what the legal language in each section means as well as point out huge red flags.

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